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Understanding the Gospel

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Finding Hope in an Age of Hopelessness

Sometimes a treasure can be right at hand and yet go unnoticed. This is certainly the case with the Letter of the apostle Paul to the Christians in Rome. Though part of the Bible, few people have ever read it, let alone seriously pondered its contents. Yet this letter represents a treasure of incalculable value because it explains with clarity and depth the message of the Christian gospel.

To some this may not mean anything; to others it may mean every-thing. It depends on how one views life. If you are a person who takes life as it comes, without asking any fundamental question, without seeking anything beyond the immediate and ephemeral, then the contents

of this letter would not interest you. But if you are a person who is not content to live on the surface, but feels the burden of unanswered questions concerning life’s origin, meaning, and destiny, then this letter represents an extraordinary point of reference.

This is particularly true today. The radical crisis that pervades our contemporary world, evidenced by the breakdown of our society at all levels—moral, social, institutional, financial—is shaking the consciences of millions who no longer know what to think. Indeed, if there ever was a time in history in which man needed to stop and reconsider everything, that time is today. Tomorrow may be too late. Let us seek for answers, therefore, and seek them in the only place where the truth can be found—not in the word of man, but in the Word of God.

PAGES: 125

YEAR: 2016

ISBN: 978-1-943855-04-9



“We live in a day in which even the church is losing the gospel. More and more, professing Christians and churches are turning away from the biblical message for a man-made version which has no power to save sinners. This is why Understanding the Gospel is so vital today. Using Paul’s letter to the Romans as his guide, the author skillfully lays out the salient points of the biblical message of salvation. I highly recommend Understanding the Gospel to all who have an interest in knowing, worshiping, and serving the true God of Scripture.”

Pastor of Northwest Bible Church
Oklahoma City, OK



Chapter 1: The Human Predicament

Chapter 2: The Gospel of Salvation

Conclusion: Enter In



Renato Giuliani was born in Rome, Italy, in 1966, and was converted at the age of sixteen. Called to the ministry in 1988, he pursued his theological studies at Piedmont International University (Winston Salem, NC), after which he returned to his homeland to labor there as missionary. Pastor of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Rome, author of several books, he is also president of Passaggio Edizioni, an evangelical Reformed publisher based in Mantua, Italy. Renato is married to Cheri, and has three children, Sarah, Erika and Luke.

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