About us

Truth & Life’s main objective is to publish important Christian books written in centuries past but now unknown or simply unavailable to Christian readers: major biblical commentaries, valuable theological treatises, formative practical books on Christian living, significant histories and biographies. The ministry is based on the conviction that the recovery of these lost literary treasures will contribute to the theological and spiritual reformation so much needed in contemporary Christianity. Of particular notice is the Baptist Heritage Series, dedicated to 17th – 19th century Baptist authors, and the Italian Reformers Series, devoted to 16th – 17th century Italian theologians, pastors and martyrs. Indeed, after 27 years of research into Italian and Swiss archives and libraries, we have collected hundreds of rare documents related to the Reformation in Italy: documents that have survived the flames of the Inquisition and testify to the faithfulness of many Italian evangelical believers during that time of terrible persecution. Most of these books have never been republished since then and some have never been published at all, being still in manuscript form. Many are written in Latin, such as Peter Martyr Vermigli’s commentary on Romans or Jerome Zanchius’ commentary on Ephesians. The translation and publication of these volumes through Truth and Life will make for the first time these volumes available to English speaking readers. In fact, part of the proceeds of Truth & Life will be donated to Passaggio Edizioni , a publishing ministry that seeks to do in Italy and in the Italian language what Truth & Life seeks to do in America in the English Language.